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Defining marriage and Family


Marriage is a legally, religiously or socially sanctioned union of a person who commits to one another, forming a familial and economic bond.

It is a vision of marriage as an essence, a loving emotional bond, one distinguished by its intensity; a bond that needn’t point beyond the partners, in which fidelity is ultimately subject to one’s desire. In marriage so understood, partner seek emotional fulfillment, and remain as long as they find it.


A family can be defined by two or more people who are living together and who are related by birth, marriage, or adoption. Sociologists talk about family as a social institution: established and organized systems of social behavior with a particular and recognized purpose. Family is a vital component of our everyday lives, but it is not something that can be easily defined. The debate over what constitutes a family—who is to be included, how private or public it is, and how individuals balance personal needs with family responsibilities—reflects the values we hold as a society. Additionally, while people often think of family solely in personal terms, these relationships are also shaped by social structure. Our attitudes, behaviors, and experiences are not completely random but are formed by the social forces operating in the society in which we live. In other words, the family is both a public institution and a private relationship.

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Human beings face psychological problems at both the individual and the family level. Some of these problems are apt to treat at the individual level, but when the problems have their origin in family, they need to be addressed collectively, taking into account the opinion and perspective of every individual.

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America is divided into different geographic regions. Different forms of environment determine the different ways of life people live there, and each tribe share a significant number of cultural traits. North and Middle America is divided into 12 divisions like northeast, southeast, plain, mountain, Arctic and sub arctic region, mountain region, southwest region etc. and each region has its different boundaries and different cultural traits followed in their society. Each one of the region is described below as:

Appalachia is the cultural region in the east of United States which stretches from south of Tier of New York to the north of Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. Appalachia Mountain stretches from belle isle in Canada to Cheaha Mountain in the state of Alabama. It is the second largest mountain of North America. This region is divided into three main regions: the great valley, ridge and valley province and the Blue Ridge. Most of the people in this region are from Scotland, Germany and England. People came in this region in the search of land, freedom and finding new opportunities for growth. Because of having the people from all over the world, this region is a multi cultural region. Their values are less modern than as compared to the customs of some bigger cities in America. Most of the person in this region thinks themselves as the commandments of bible and they thought that they are Christians. Most of the people attend protestant churches which is different from Catholic Church. People of Appalachia care about their family values. People who came first and claim land for farming passed their land to their next generation and they pass to their next generation and so on. When someone is in need, then people will help each other out.

South east region is one of the homes for the oldest permanent settlements in America. This region plays a vital role in the history of nation. It hosts endangered animals, largest known cave system and largest granite sculpture carved on a mountain. Southeast cultural region is included in the south eastern parts of the United States. This region extends along the Atlantic seaboard from Chesapeake Bay south to Florida, then west to Mississippi river. This region extends from Ohio River to the Gulf of Mexico and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi river. Most of the tribes in this region grow corn because there was enough rainfall in this region. Women have the greatest power in this tribe. Majority of the Americans made their homes along the river valleys which serve as the greatest dominant form of social organization. It can be said that people of this region are farmers, and then they become hunters, gatherers and fisherman. Larger tribe in this region is called as five civilized tribe by the whites.

The southwest region of the North America stretches from south of California to the central Mexico. It is the driest part of North America. In southwest part of North America, trial people live there and pueblos, were the most highly developed among them. There climate is hot and arid and much of the land is desert with cacti and other water miser plants. In southwest region, three cultures emerged in around 300 B.C. all the three cultures were based on farming which is supported by hunting and gathering. So two major lifestyles are developed in this region: agrarian and nomadic. Agriculture of north of Mesoamerica reached its highest level of development. People in this culture are divided among various pueblo groups. Water is one of precious natural resource for southwest societies which keep strict rules about the use of water. Most of the people are farmers and lived in villages. They grow beans and corn and raised turkeys. The pueblo built large houses and most of them were made up of stone. People enter to their house through roof and use a ladder to climb up. The pueblos were a very peaceful tribe and only fought when they were attacked.

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The great plain region has vast natural grassland which stretches across central of North America from the rocky mountain to the woodland of the Midwest. Great plain is located in the centre of the North America. The plains stretch from the Mississippi to the Rocky Mountains and from Canada to Mexico. Only few Indians lived there before the arrival of the Europeans. The way of the life of the people lived in the great plain is indicated by the availability of raw materials, land, climate and animals like birds, trees and nuts. Their subsistence is related to hunting and agriculture. The weather and changes in the seasons affect the way the people live there in different times in a year. The great plain Indians who lived on the border reflect two lifestyles. Life of the plains changes when horse were brought by Spaniards to North America and became expert in riding and hunting. Because of the introduction of horse they adopted nomadic lifestyle. They ride the horse and follow herd and buffalo more quickly. Meat of buffalo was their main food which is roasted over a fire. The skin of the buffalo was used to make clothes and teepees and their bones were used to make horns and other useful tools. Because of hunting in large amount, animals in plains start disappearing which made the settlers to turn the land into cattle farms and ranches (Cabrillo.edu).

Northeast region is the oldest region and varies from largest city to the smallest city. This region is rich in the history of culture and opportunities. The northeast region of the North America lies in the eastern part of United States which runs from Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi river. It includes great lake. The north east region runs from Canada to Kentucky and Virginia. It has a temperate climate. Because of the warmer climate, Americans became dependent on deer, nuts and wild grains. Then 5000 year ago they start cultivating plants. Maize agriculture was most common. There was a plenty of food. People also hunt animals like rabbits, deer, ducks etc. in this area there are two main groups divided on the basis of the language they spoke: one is the Algonquian speaking group and other one is Iroquoian speaking group. Tribes are organized into clans which are the clusters of related families who claimed a common ancestor (Cabrillo.edu). tribes at this region is classified into five groups. Iroquois and Algonquians had the strongest identity above all the basic nuclear families. For the Indian, forest trees is the first primary source for the material of different things like for shelter, making tools and fuels and animals living in the forest are the second source of food. People of this region are not solely hunters and gathers but also farmers and fisherman.

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Enthymeme: Vaccinations for childhood illnesses should not be required by schools because it forces parents who send their children to public school to expose their children to potentially harmful vaccinations that may cause more detriments to the child’s health than most parents realize.

Short Proposal

The American public school system requires that all children who attend who are enrolled must have a series of vaccinations that are considered prudent not only for the individual child but also for the other children that the child will come into contact with throughout his or her grade school years. The purpose of this paper will be to examine the practice of requiring grade-school children to be vaccinated by arguing that parents should have the right to decide whether or not their children will be exposed to potentially harmful vaccinations. The primary audience for this research paper is parents, but a second primary audience would be those who control the enrollment regulations for public schools. A secondary audience would be concerned citizens and anyone who is involved with public schools or those who are concerned about parents’ rights. For this paper, I will be adopting the voice of a concerned citizen who has been urged to write this paper because of an apprehension about this practice in our public grade schools. Vaccinations for childhood illnesses should not be required by schools because it forces

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Parents who send their children to public school to expose their children to potentially harmful vaccinations that may cause more detriments to the child’s health than most parents realize.